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The Most Complete Specifications Of Granite Cutting Saw Blade

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Different granite cutting saw blades should be used according to the thickness of granite.

For the different thickness of material, the application of granite cutting saw blades are to select. Different standards of granite material, with production practice of different characteristics, have good professional quality at the same time in the guarantee. In the actual thickness standards have different characteristics, with very large, combined with the actual comparison of comprehensive choice, bring the practical application for most convenience.

Choose different granite cutting saw blades according to different color and hardness of granite.

The different materials of granite are different in color, especially the different color material hardness standard also has the very big difference, the most consistent with the needs of practical applications, has a very important practical significance.

Selection of rich species of granite cutting saw blade should be suitable for the fact.

The purpose of effective cutting is not to lose the function of the product itself. But also according to the needs of design and production, precise and reasonable measuring and cutting assurance, species rich foundation, is the adaptability of different, choose to combine the practical application.

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