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The Worriless Diamond Saw Blades


More Easily

To Use

More Time Saved
More Cost Saved

More Energy Saved


18 Years of hard work, 

constantly strive for perfection.     

Yintian diamond saw blades,

makes your business easier. 



Products detail: 
granite saw blades   
marble saw blades   
diamond segment   
110-250mm granite blade


1.more easily to use 2.more time saved
The exlusive 2SD balanced formula can
deal with the contradictory relationship
perfectlybetween sharpness and durabl-
eness ,which docut  more and smoothly.
The customized formula would be
ready within 24 hours.We guarantee
you satisfied at the first test!
Delivery within 5 days, never been

 3.more energy saved


4.more cost saved


Providing individualized OEM service for 400 dealers worldwide for 18 years .
Our professional service team serves you as your private secretary.
Yintian diamond saw blade sets a
number of merits in one.It is very
sharp and efficient,with long work life. All in all,it can save more
cost for you.


Yintian Makes Your Business Easier!



Core-tech, patente formula            

The exclusive formula lays the foundation of the quality of Yintian diamond saw blades.After 17 years of interaction with markets and constant tests, Yintian Expert Team has accumulated tens of thousands of data messages, and built a huge data base. This makes it possible for quick react to market demand and the best set of sollutions to clients. 




Quality material,

systematized purchasing 

"Yintian"select the raw material of high purity, stability, toughness and resistance to make the segments sharp and long-lasting.These optimal metal powder strongly grip the diamond powder,resulting in the high density of the segments.Meanwhile,the core-tech of Yintian assure the emersion efficiency of diamond powder.


Rigid standard,

flexible manufacturing 

Yintian imports the world leading flexible production technology,deviding 32 procedures and 100 machines into several flexible units.We devote to innovating in every step and confining the deviation of process within 0.8%, thus improving the performanceof diamond saw blades and efficiency of all machines through a more tightproject.








Big service team,

considerate sales service

"Yintian initiated Distribution Support System , offering you practical, professional, comprehensive and the latest information service about production and industry. Let you get all business done easily!let you get rid of worry!

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