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Technical Processing:

  • Part 1:diamond segments

1.prepare formula for fundamental raw materials

At the base of the balanced point, our engineers will precisely design the formula for every individual customer.

Mixing raw materials

The superior original materials will be completely mixed with the automatic 3D mixing machine, and the diamond particles will be well-distributed. There is a well performance for the diamond segment when processing, when the outer layer of the diamond segment drops off for the reason of abrading the substrate, the inner layer will come out in time, and the working will be more efficient.

 Cold pressing

We have automatic numerical-control processing machines with highly accurate molds to make sure the accurate size for the diamond segment after processed.

 Hot processing

With the automatic numerical-control processing machines, the temperature and the pressure can be ensured for accuracy during the process of heating. The powders of the diamond segment will form into metal, the diamond particles will be packed compactly that will not drop off the substrate easily, and the working life will be improved greatly.


The edge and the corner of the diamond segment will be polished to be smooth for soldering.

  • Part 2:diamond saw blade


We adopt the new DPF composite welding process, the weld joint is smooth, and the intensity of welding is same as that of the laser welding. Since applying the DPF technology, there has been no customer complaining the case about dropping off the substrate for five years.

Making the knife edge

The diamond particles are covered by the metal coverage of diamond segment, particles will not work before grinding the metal coverage in the outer surface if cutting directly, that will greatly effect the cutting. Our company uses the machine with functions to forming knife edge from 3 sides in order to sufficiently expose the diamond particles. 


With the help of antirust, plastic seal bag, multicarton and multiwooden case, that makes sure all of the products are intact when delivered.