Fall in love with diamond saw blade made in China

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2002, Yintian make the ODM production for trade enterprise over the world and some self-employed export trade company, this practice makes Yintian have the opportunity to participate in the production of supply chain around the world, which opened their international vision in the field of research and development of diamond tools and also help to strengthen the ability to develop newly products.

From then on, Yintian are aware of that the diamond saw blades in china are in the dilemma which depends on the quantity and lower technology, under the leadership of Xiong Caihua, the professional team of Yintian began to spend a lot of time to study and analysis leading saw technology in Germany Japan, South Korea saw blades, from the formulation of the preparation process of whole blade, and then to design the blade, don't let go of every detail. Finally, Yintian developed a series of stone processing of the diamond tool satisfying enterprises at home and abroad.

Patent No.: ZL 201310164093.7......

Expert in saw blade--Xiong Caihua

Chief research expert of Yintian ,Xiong Caihua, graduated from the Department of industrial economics Zhongnan University of Economics in 1991, returned to his hometown , Ezhou -- Chinese diamond village, and devoted himself to research on formulation technology of diamond saw blade in 1997 he founded the company's predecessor - Ezhou City super hard materials technology company, becoming the first batch of business students in the fields of diamond tools in China in recent 20 years, with a talent, hard work and development, innovative spirit, he have led Yintian team to overcome a stone cutting technical problems, and achieved 7 patents and more than 50 practical patents.

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Xiong Caihua, saw blade expert, led the research and professional team to devote themselves to study the diamond saw blade formulation technology for nearly 20 years. The first 2SD limit balance point of patent formula, successfully overcome inherent properties of the common saw blade with a decline of lifespan sharp decline, so that the sharp knife edge and wear resistance achieve a perfect balance. At the same time they also developed a unique formula of special cutting hard brittle and cut partial high-grade stone, solving the problem of edge collapse, off angle, leaving the tail, that the ordinary cutting high hardness stone cannot overcome, greatly improving the cutting efficiency.

Fall in love with diamond saw blade made in China

Derive from productivity on ODM for1000 global dealers for20 years

In the 80-90 of the last century Hubei Ezhou, more than 1 thousand specialized of stone processing of diamond saw blade manufacturers grew rapidly, this is the earliest diamond tool industry phenomenon, Ezhou is known as the "hometown of Chinese diamond tool". Founded in 1997, learned from the local technology industry and research, it becoming one of the industry's leading enterprises.

In 2002, Yintian diamond saw blade of annual production exceeded 1 million / day, granite blades of Yintian cover nearly 30% in the domestic market days, the company started doing OEM for large and small hardware trading company about diamond saw in China. The first order, through a foreign self-employed enterprise in Changsha, Mr. Li was supplying granite blades for stone tools dealers in northern India industrial zone and the southern industrial zone. later, Yintian widely cooperate with dealers and manufacturers for international trade and sold the diamond saw to Brazil, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Spain, Australia, Canada, the United States, Russia and more than 20 countries and Hong Kong, Taiwan in China.

At the same time, the company also innovated and transformed technology of ability on equipment, originally introducing 24 sets of advanced CNC automatic cold press, 37 large current computer temperature control hot press, studying and researching, introducing flexible manufacturing technology of Germany , dividing and cutting the existing production equipment according to various standards the function of segmentation and combination, increasing the work efficiency of flexible manufacturing unit , and providing diversified production of customized products for customers at home and abroad, and strictly to ensure delivery of products. Today Yintian, has more than 50 advanced production line of diamond cutter head and saw blade, with more than 100 sets of advanced production equipment, including 38 processes, 72 processes of diamond cutter head and the blade manufacturing process.

Environmental of Yintian

Environmental of Yintian
Fall in love with diamond saw blade made in China

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Online survices online all day, you can log on the Yintian official website, call the 24 hours service online 4000769967 or add WeChat customer service, we will answer with "0" second reaction. provide you with the most enthusiastic, thoughtful and efficient advisory services, Provide a consultant for your designated according to your needs/ issues

Product consultant call you back within five minutes, according to your needs and problems provide solutions for you, also recommend the most suitable products, optimal freight plan for you. give you a full line monitoring and feedback of products transport till the goods arrived.

Technical advices Yintian provide all the services for you, including the problems of stone stools, process of manufacturing and provide you with the optimal plan if you are not satisfied with the current plan

More than 2 years experience, with the training knowledge, we exam yearly and monthly, familiar to products and performance of the product well.

More than 1 year documentary experience, complete the product without error, ensure the shipping products conformity with the order.

More than 3 months service about stone factories, more than 5 months on-site consulting service in large stone factories, with a deep understanding of users' demands of stone processing and familiar with characteristics of stone.

Fall in love with diamond saw blade made in China

Theexperiences and ability to provide the products on ODM for clients for20 years

Common tooth design, 15H tooth with sharp wear

Yintian LOGO

Diamond particles are uniformly dispersed in the bond, which can effectively improve the coexistence of sharp edges and wear resistance 3 times.

Paint with technology of harmless spray processing, antirust

Key slot is help for heat dissipation and chip removal, which can enhance the sharpness

Accessories in 65Mn and raw materials are selected diamond crystal and prealloyed powder of high quality

Buy the rest and use of comfort! the saw blades of Yintian in the layers of professional packaging before the delivery, it can guarantee the safety even if the accident of crash.

5 product packaging stacked togetherFine fold to eliminate the gapNylon bag package with reinforcementOuter board reinforcement to prevent collision
Fall in love with diamond saw blade made in China

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Longbang 2~4Days 2~4Days 2~4Days 2~4Days 2~4Days 2~4Days 2~4Days 2~4Days 2~4Days 2~4Days 2~4Days 2~4Days 2~4Days 2~4Days 2~4Days
Guizhou、Jilin、Heilongjiang、Liaoning、Shanxi、Gansu、Guangxi、Shanxi and ect. need 4~5 days, Suer/Longbang/Yousu can't delivery.
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Debang 5~7Days 5~7Days 5~7Days 3~5Days 5~7Days 3~5Days 5~7Days 7~15Days 5~7Days
Conventional saw blades to export of Yintian will be delivered within the same day. We maintain more than 1000 pieces of daily stock of each conventional saw blade, to ensure that we can complete all the work within 24 hours after your order is issued, and get the goods delivered.
Customized saw blade to export, with the use of the conventional matrix preparation, we can make sure we will deliver them within 7 working days if with less than 1000 pieces, 3000 within 10 working days of delivery. Yintian have done a lot of inventory of conventional models of matrix wool in domestic and foreign markets, and if customers have special requirements for the matrix aperture, we can use wire cutting or install the washer technology to provide solutions.
we can make sure 1000 pieces are delivered within 15 working days if with the use of conventional custom diamond saws, and 1000-3000 pieces within 25 working days of delivery if with the use of special customized silencer matrix prepared. Yintian has cooperated with more than 10 logistics enterprises for more than10 years, we can guarantee that your order products are in no errors from the factory to the destination! At the same time, we provide you a free logistics planning scheme, for you to choose, and tracking logistics information to your receipt.
Fall in love with diamond saw blade made in China

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Fall in love with diamond saw blade made in China

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Yintian Group is a certified national high-tech enterprise in China, which specialized in diamond tools for cutting stone. It consists of two manufacturing enterprises ——Hubei Yintian Diamond Cutting Industry Co., Ltd, Hubei Yintian Diamond tools Co., Ltd, and an export & import company etc. Yintian covers an area of 34,000 square meters, have more than 30 engineers, nearly 200 skilled workers, etc.

Our main products are brazed diamond blades, sintered diamond blades, diamond segments for mining saw and polishing pads in hundreds of specifications & thousands of models. Yintian depends on skilled technicians, top-quality products, competitive price perfomance ratio and powerful service system to occupy 30% of domestic market share of granite blades.

Based on Ezhou industrial cluster of diamond tools, aiming at overseas market, our products sell well in the 34 provinces of China and more than 20 foreign countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Brazil, India,Spain and Russia etc.

Yintian brand profile

In 1991, Mr. Xiong Caihua, driven by desire and passion to construct his hometown, returned to Ezhou as soon as he graduated from ZhongNan Finance & Economics University, By the time, Chinese diamond tool industry was originated in Ezhou. Without hesitation, he devoted himself to R&D fomulas for diamond tools. From then on, he started his professional career of saw blade. Thanks to his talent, hard-working, exploration and innovation, Mr. Xiong invevted 2SD Ultimate Balance Point Formula, which helped Yintian to solve the contradiction between sharpness and lifespan of a saw blad, and created the rudiment of Yintian All-Round King in 1994.which helped Mr. Xiong earn his First Pot of Gold althrough he was just running a small business.

In 1997, Mr. Xiong launched Hubei Yintian Diamond Tools Co.,Ltd. Later he gathered an expert team. In order to develop products fitting in well with the demand of stone processing, they often went deep into some typical large scale stone mining area and stone trade bases to do research. Additionally, they spent a lot of time in dissecting and studying diamond blades imported from German, Italy, Japan, Korean and America.

Yintian do their best efforts in the feild for 20 years, making full use of essence of not only the local Industry but also the forien technology, growing up as one of the top enterprises. Yintian take it as their misson to supply the most perfect saw blade all over the world, take it as their vision to help stone processing easy, take it as their obligation to deserve every penny of the customers. Yintian will be dedicated to serve you forever !


Hubei Yintian group, founded in 1997, a national high-tech modern enterprise specialized in diamond tools professional research and development, production and manufacturing. The featured products are diamond saw blade and diamond segment, the sales volume reaches 6,000,000 slice/pair, and covers 32 provinces/cities of the whole China and over 20 countries overseas. National helpline4000-769-967

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