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Product Name:φ300mm granite blades L-S350 Pakistan Allround King

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      · Exclusive blade especially for cutting high-grade, hard and abrasive granite.
      · Based on Yintian 2SD patent, a perfect balance between sharpness and lifespan.
      · Superb cutting performance, high cutting speed and high working efficiency
      · High cost performance with long working lifespan


      Brand Yintian Tool
      Diameter 300mm
      Seg.number 21
      Segment Size L40×W3.3×H15mm
      Bore 50mm



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    Name Picture Diameter Bore Slot


    Segments Size Seg.Number
    mm Inch


    Thickness Height

    Granite Blade


    250 10 50/60mm Key


    40 3.2 12/15 17

    Granite Blade


    300 12 50/60mm U/Key Normal/silent 40 3.2/3.3 12/15 21

    Granite Blade


    350 14 50/60mm U/Key Normal/silent 40/27 3.3 10/12/14/15/20 24/25/34

    Granite Blade


    400 16 50/60mm U/Key Normal/silent 40/27 3.6/3.7 12/14/15/20 28/38

    Granite Blade


    450 18 50/60mm U/Key Normal/silent 40 4.2/4.3 12/15 32

    Granite Blade


    500 20 50/60mm U/Key Normal/silent 40 4.2/4.3 12/15 30/36

    Granite Blade


    600 24 50/60mm U/Key Normal/silent 40 4.5/4.8 12/15 36/42

    Granite Blade


    700 28 50/60mm U/Key Normal/silent 40 5.5 12/15 40/50

    Granite Blade

      800 32 50/60mm U/Key Normal/silent 40 6 12/15 46
    • All Round King Cutting The Golden Diamond Grain
    • All Round King Cutting The Plateau Snow
    • All Round King Cutting The Imperial Red
    • All-Round King Cut the New
        Tropical Brown use for Cabinet board
    • All-Round King Cut
      the Tan Brown use for Floor tile
    • All-Round King Cut
      the Shidao Red use for exterior wall
    • All-Round King Cut
      G654 use for Cabinet board
    all the diamond saw blade in yintian has been inspected through the automatic standard atmospheric pressure testing instrument to test the welding strength, to make sure that the segment don't fall; at the same time with the inspection of the level of sampling, to make sure that each blade of the weld alignment at the center line, both segment between the saw blank consistently, the size is about 0.45mm, error is less than 0.05mm
    all the diamond saw blade produced by yintian has been tested through artificial measurement, laser proofing and computer scanning triple-line operation of the specification parameters to make sure the deviation is less than 0.1mm; after sintered process, the test of digital caliper micrometer ensures the higher specification consistent quality and perfect appearance of each blade.
    The diamond saw blade produced by Yintian Company will be tested by oxygen analyser for hardness range while in the molding stage to ensure the blade oxygen content≤0.01%, after which the diamond saw blade has antioxidant ability and stable performance. At the same time, through weight single amount inspection and batch re-inspection can insure the segment weight deviation≤0.02g, the flatness of blade error≤0.02mm.
    The saw blank that Yintian Company adopted all inspected by nine quality indicators including end jump, diameter jump, tension, bending strength and groove design etc., which ensures the saw blade disperses stress, cuts stable, not yaw, fast heat while cutting, the saw blank is protected so that it can be repeatedly welded using for over than 4 times.
    Yintian All Round King Cutting Super-hard Granite/Jade Slabs Perfectly
    Yintian All Round King is super sharp enough for cutting, chamfering, chamfering, copying and trimming of super-hard granite slabs such as Indian Red, Mongolian Black and African Red Dragon. The cutting is stable without chipping and breaking, cutting surface is straight and smooth. It’s verticality and squareness error≤0.2mm, levelness, average side length and diagonal error≤0.1mm, the cutting gap between 3.8-4.0mm, the yield reach to 99%.
    Yintian All Round King Get Half the Result With Twice Effort For Regular Granite Slabs
    Yintian All Round King cut 1.5-2.0cm thick Plateau snow, Brazil brasil, Black galaxy, Portoro, Tan brown and other medium hard stone, cutting suface area ≥400㎡.When it cut 1.5-2.0cm super-hard granite , like Indian Red, Mongolian Black and African Red Dragon,the generally lifespan ≥200㎡. Compare with other granite saw blade, All Round get half the result with twice effort.
    Yintian All Round King Cutting speed for regular granite slab≥9m/min
    When Yintian All Round King cut mid-hard granite slab such as Padang light,Blue Hemp,Baltic Brown,Rusty Brown, the bottom of slab cutting speed is 9m / min with net. Yintian All round king cut super-hard granite slabs such as Indian Red, Mongolian Black and African Red Dragon,the bottom of slab cutting speed ≥4m/min with net. It’s really can be described as feed faster, stable, high transfer speed, saving time for your power, reduce equipment loss, greatly enhance the efficiency of manual operations.
    Yintian All Round King Is the Best Choice For Granite Slab,Functionality Widely used.
    Yintian All Round King can be perfect for a variety of super-hard granite / jade plate copying, chamfering, chamfering, trimming, processing results is very outstanding.When it is used for super-hard granite / jade copy, the imitation of the stone surface is smooth, glossy, bright colors, and no processing traces. The conventional profiling saw blade is used to make the shape of super-hard stone, it is difficult to meet the processing requirements. For the conventional stone, even if the surface of the imitated stone is smooth, but the processing lines are clearly visible.
    Cutting surface is straight and smooth when it cut India Red.
    Lifespan ≥200m² when it cut super-hard granite slabs such as Mongolian Black.
    Cut super-hard stone speed≥4m/min, conventional slabs speed ≥9m/min.
    Other brands granite saw blade cut high-hard granite is chipped and breaked seriously such as Tianshan Red
    Lifespan ≤120m² when other brands granite saw blade cut super-hard granite slabs .
    Cut super-hard stone speed≤3m/min, conventional slabs speed ≤7m/min.
    • The first type of clients:they mainly in charge of high-grade stone decoration engineering, or processing&sales of high-grade and expensive granite plate, so they have stringent requirements of the plate yield and the final appearance of the overcome. Such as Jiulongpi, Indian red, Precious Gold, Saudi gold drill etc., they all have high hardness, big density and strong brittleness which requires the saw blade cutting effect is perfect without any collapse edge, corner or left tail phenomenon. At the same time cutting efficiency and cutting life of our diamond saw blade is superior to the similar brand, which ensures the stone processing costs tend to be lowest while the profit margins tend to be expanded. Therefore, Yintian All Round King becomes the only choice that they are satisfied.
    • The second type of clients:the stone that they are processing tends to be hard and super abrasive represented by Mongolia black, which contains a large number of fine white columnar jointed particles, and the bulk density is over than 3.3g / cm3, the internal structure is very dense, Compression intensity is quite large, which resulting in the user changes the saw blade frequently during the processing. Yintian All Round King can cut 2.5 cm Mongolian black board while the speed maintains 5m / min or so, the surface area is more than 260 square meter, and cross-sectional area is around 40 square meter.
    • The third type of clients:they are processing high sand content stone with larger quartz particles, small stone density, unbalanced internal structure and close coexists with empty, thus the segment not only easily get chipping in the cutting process but also suffers extremely abrasion, a typical representative is Kalamaili gold. Usually, for most brands of the same sharp, the cutting number of Kalamaili is between 30-60 square meters, while Yintian All Round King up is up to 100 square meters during which maintains high cutting speed and ensures the quality of sheet metal cutting to fully meet the processing requirements.
    • The fourth category of customers:they mainly undertake a variety of engineering orders, with so many orders , tight schedule, harsh quality standards, strict inspection . Each order involves different kinds of granite,and the processing has various requirements, all_round king can adapt to the processing performance of all the granite plate and also can meet the sawing requirements of a variety of granite plate with complete functions, which can be used for a variety of granite plate imitation , Chamfering, downside, the quality of processing is very well. Saw blade with multiple-purpose, can get higher processing efficiency to enhance the industry's highest level of economic efficiency significantly for these enterprises.
    • The fifth category of customers:they attach great importance to corporate reputation, insisted in the accuracy of stone processing, and also have high standards for any category / grade of stone processing and acceptance standards,in order to make sure high-quality products for the customers. So the requirements of the procurement of higher precised cutting blade and the stable quality, while yield efficiency and life expectancy of the finished product is also guaranteed. The straightness and horizontal error of yintian all_round king are all less than 0.2mm, the verticality error less than 0.1mm, the average side length error and diagonal limit tolerance are less than1.5mm, the sawing tolerance is from0.2 to 0.4mm, the yield of finished products are as high as more than 99%.
    • The sixth category of customers:they are processing aerated bricks, quartz stone plate, all the time they use marble saw blade to cut the stone material, for some plates, they tried to use a little bit of economic granite saw blade, but the processing effects can't meet their standards, the cutting process requires the perfect cutting , not leaving the edge and the tail, these factors have seriously affected their production efficiency and stone waste rate. A high rate of cutting and reduced cost, a kind of granite saw blade of cutting quartz stone and aerated brick is always what they want to find.
    Mr.Hao Chifeng China dealer Yintian All Round King

    I have been the distributor of Yintian diamond saw blade for 15 years, and the biggest feature of their granite saw blade is sharp, which is the sharpest blade I've ever sold, and the quality is very stable, especially for the All Round King, which has great adaptation, and they can cut well even for the hardest granite. The cutting number of All Round King is pretty high, the reflection I got from my clients is generally 380-480 square meters. There is a customer who cuts 1.8 cm long engineering board, said the number has been around 360 square meters. During my first two years I also purchase saw blades from other manufacturers, but compared to them, Yintian diamond saw blade has highest customer retention, and now Yintian granite and marble saw blade is also getting better and better, so I specially sell Yintian diamond saw blade, and simply for Yintian All Round King, the annual sales is more than 20,000 pieces!

    Mr.Cheng Shanxi China dealer Yintian All Round King

    One day, one of my biggest gladly called me that the saw blade that he bought from me this time is quite sharper than ever, he wants this type from now on. After I rushed to his stone factory, the saw workers are happy to say hello to me, saying that the blade is great. While I checked the cut sheet, the corner and the line is very beautiful as well as neat. I went to other customers there to inspect the situation, the result was inspiring, and there is no collapse edge no matter what kind of granite. This is my first experience of Yintian saw blade.

    This is my first time to get saw blades in yintian. I have done saw blade business in Shanxi for 10 years, where the hardness of the granite plate is very high, it is difficult to cut, like Sesame Gray,Cherry Flower Red, Tan Brown, etc, it's normal they have edge collapse, ears and burr phenomenon ,but unexpected the saw blade in yintian changed my perspective, and now I am the main distributor of all_ round king granite saw blade in yintian, not only does the business increase customer satisfaction but also increased my profits.

    Mr. Vipin is in favored of All-round king series of granite saw blades in yintian

    Mr. Vipin has cooperated with yintian company for more than 3 years  and he wanted to visit the company for a long time, as a result of doing official business in China,seized this excellent opportunity to visit yintian, the manufacturer of diamond saw blade. Both two sides has communicated with each other for more than 3 hours and inspected  our factory production sites of diamond saw blade , based on the equality and mutual benefit ,they established a stable relationship in the long run. During the inspection, Mr. Vipin, accompanyied by the technical staff and the foreign trade manager , visited the production workshop ,understood the production equipment and production status of the company and got to know the size and production scope of the company. In the showroom, Mr Vipin discussed with the company's senior engineer of the Department about several granite saw blades specifically, which made Mr Vipin have a more detailed understanding about  the different series of granite saw in yintian .Ultimately, Mr Vipin thought highly of our production site, production capacity, product and service.


    Yintian Group is a certified national high-tech enterprise in China, which specialized in diamond tools for cutting stone. It consists of two manufacturing enterprises ——Hubei Yintian Diamond Cutting Industry Co., Ltd,   Hubei Yintian Diamond tools Co., Ltd,  and an export & import company etc.  Yintian covers an area of 34,000 square meters, have more than 30 engineers, nearly 200 skilled workers, etc.

    Our main products are brazed diamond blades, sintered diamond blades, diamond segments for mining saw and polishing pads in hundreds of specifications & thousands of models. Yintian depends on skilled technicians, top-quality products, competitive price perfomance ratio and powerful service system to occupy 30% of domestic market share of granite blades.

    Based on Ezhou industrial cluster of diamond tools, aiming at overseas market, our products sell well in the 34 provinces of China and more than 20 foreign countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Brazil, India,Spain and Russia etc. 

    In 1991, Mr. Xiong Caihua, driven by desire and passion to construct his hometown, returned to Ezhou as soon as he graduated from ZhongNan Finance & Economics University, By the time, Chinese diamond tool industry was originated in Ezhou. Without hesitation, he devoted himself to R&D fomulas for diamond tools. From then on, he started his professional career of saw blade. 

    Thanks to his talent, hard-working, exploration and innovation, Mr. Xiong invevted 2SD Ultimate Balance Point Formula, which helped Yintian to solve the contradiction between sharpness and lifespan of a saw blad, and created the rudiment of Yintian All-Round King in 1994.which helped Mr. Xiong earn his First Pot of Gold althrough he was just running a small business.

    In 1997, Mr. Xiong  launched  Hubei Yintian Dia-mond Tools Co.,Ltd.  Later he gathered an expert team. In order to develop products fitting in well with the demand of stone processing,  they often went deep into some typical large scale stone mining area and stone trade bases to do research.  Additionally, they spent a lot of time in dissecting and studying diamond blades imported from German, Italy, Japan, Korean and America. 

    When time went by 2009, Yintian's annual sales scale exceeded 1 million pcs & sets. Aimed at long-term business in the international market, Lucy Lau, Mr. Xiong'wife,set up Overseas Business Department, and based on it, established Hubei Yintian Cutting Industry Co.,Ltd  in 2012, developping highend blade &segment for the overseas market in OEM /ODM. Gratefully, their products have been sold well in more than 20 countries, such as Brazil, India, Turkey, Vietnam, Egypt, Jordan, Spain, Australia, Canada, Russia etc.  

    Offering OEM/ODM for overseas dealers helped Yintian broaden their vision in international markets. From 2012 to 2016, a large scale renewal & transformation of technical equipments took placed in Yintian. As the results, Yintian built more than 50 production lines with more than 100 sets of advanced equipments, including 72 process flow and 38 check & test procedures.Besides, They created a kind of flexible manufacturing technology to achieve ultra-high productivity,while perfectly providing customized saw blades & segments in precise delivery. 

    Up to now, Led by Mr. and Mrs. Xiong, Yintian Group has built two manufacturing enterprises, one trade company, and a pro-duction base—Yintian Science and Technology Industrial park in Ezhou, working out a series of products fitting in well with the demand not only in domestic but also in overseas, including more than 200 specifications & 1000 models welding saw blades, 100 kinds of sintered saw blades, and more than 60 models of segments for mining saw, etc., solving many kinds of tough problems in stone proessing.  

    Yintian do their best efforts in the feild for 20 years, making full use of essence of not only the local Industry but also the forien technology, growing up as one of the top enterprises. Yintian take it as  their misson to supply the most perfect saw blade all over the world, take it as their vision to help stone processing easy, take it as their obligation to deserve every penny of the customers. Yintian will be dedicated to serve you forever !



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