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YinTian Diamond Saw Blades for Marble Assure the Safety of Workers in Stone Factory (1)

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Preface:The engineer of the Yintian company claim that it’s impossible for our customers to meet the unskilled problem of losing the segments of diamond saw blade for marble. We haven’t taken this low-level mistake for 6 years since we innovated the technology continuously.

A single slip may cause lasting sorrow! In Suizhou Hubei Province, Mr pang was very sorrowful for the serious accident happened recently in his factory of stone processing. One of his workers was injured seriously and was hospitalized because of the losing of segments of the diamond saw blade for marble. The phenomenon of losing segments of the diamond saw blade happened several times earlier,but it did not cause such a great influence at that time and was not payed attention to, the happening of the accident made Mr pang quite frustrated. He decided to seek more reliable diamond saw blade suppliers to resolve the problem of losing segments thoroughly and made sure that it would not happen again.

The first time Mr. Pang got to know Hubei YinTian company, he did doubt us. He was very afraid to get across the same tragedy again. Our customer service vivienne told him kinds of samples of our customers and their feedback of our products. After 10 days of communication, Mr. Pang decided to buy 50 pieces to take a test.

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