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Hubei Yintian made the most durable diamond blade

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Hubei Yintian made the most durable diamond blade
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Macheng ,Hubei ,named the stones home of central China ,it has a huge demand since many years ,especially granite.Mr. Shen runs a stone factory which located in the economical development  area  of Guishan ,Macheng ,Hesheng Stone Factory.Blades that he has bought from Jiangsu market can not meet his requirement of long lifespan, he decided to change  a supplier.



After knew the dependable quality of diamond saw blade made by Hubei Yintian ,Shen tried to seek for its information from the internet ,and he chose YT-S350-12 after detailed introduction from its service online.

The abrasion resistance shows mostly the quality of diamond saw blade.Its lifespan has a direct influence upon working efficiency and customers` benefit .So it is important for diamond saw blade to be durable .



Mr.shen made the order a few das latter .The advanced payment was received at 11:30,and 5 hours latter the goods are ready .,then Shen payed all the rest bills .The last day, the good was delivered ,and arrived at the 5th day .Mr. Shen showed his satisfaction .

If you are doubt or interested in our products,please feel free to contact our online service ,or call us on 0711---2757733.Hubei Yintian,balance point formula ,cutting more and better.




Ordering online ,saves your money ,Hubei Yintian has no agent in China ,all of our products are directly sold ,no intermediate to expands your costs,Directly online purchase ensures high level service & cost efficiency.


Our factory price includes logistic costs .We have longterm express and logistic,goods delivered at 2 o`clock every afternoon.



If you pay a 50% deposit when you make the order and pay the rest 50% after the shipment ,its your support to us ,your prompt payment saved our costs ,that`s the reason why we remain a low price but top quality .Let`s join us and save costs together!


QC system being responsible for each piece. We cooperate smily Hard working &happy life
QC system being responsible for each piece. We cooperate smily Hard working &happy life


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