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Alexandro from Brazil Choose YT Diamond Saw Blades for Granite (1)

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In August, 2013, Brazil distributor Alexandro of diamond saw blades sent an inquiry asking the price and MOQ of diamond saw blades for granite, to our foreign trade salesman.

Through communication of several email, we get to know Alexandro is a professional dealer of diamond saw blades for granite, and have a certain understanding of Chinese Manufacturer. He had been purchased of diamond saw blade for granite from suppliers in Jiangsu province. Thanks to the increasing need of diamond saw blades in Brazil, Alexandro want to find better suppliers in Alibaba.

Alexandro sent some pictures of stone in local stone factory. According to the stone we recommended our Brazil Super 350mm diamond saw blades for granite to him. After comparing several the supplier for 6 days, Alexandro decided to buy 10 pieces for testing, and arranged the payment.


Hubei YT company arrange the shipment immediately, as soon as receiving the payment and inform Alexandro of DHL tracking number in the first time.

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