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There Are Advanced Technology In The Field Of Diamond Tools

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The tools of hardware in our country are widely used in various fields including geological prospecting, stone materials, machinery, automobiles and national defense industry and so on. There has been a great improvement in the process of tools for machining, drills and cutting tools for stones, and there are many advantages with systematization, standardization and diversification in the production and the quality of products is stable, part of the products are competitive in the global market.

Although the diamond tools manufactured in our country are widely used in various fields and there are remarkable economic benefits, but we still have some gaps compared to the foreign products mainly showing as followed.

1. There is a lack of united management and macro-control in the whole industry. Because of the haphazard development, there is no rule in the production of tools of hardware especially the diamond tools, and the quality of products is not stable, there is no order about the competition of price.

2. The equipments for manufacturing and the technology fall behind a lot, some advanced new technologies and new processes are popularized more slowly.

3. The enterprises are usually small and the process is not so advanced that there are lacks of competition and economical profits

4. There lacks of investment about developing for manufacturing new products as well as the new process.

In order to greatly develop the hardware industry in our country, we must do something as followed.

1. Increase the investment for the diamond tools industry and develop new products and new process, popularize the application extent continuously, improve the competitive power in the market.

2. We must accelerate to develop new products and improve the quality of the products, increase the varieties and the productions to meet both of the need at home and abroad. In recent years, there is a gradual need for the diamond tools in the processing fields such as machinery, gemstones, medical equipments, wooden materials, fiberglass, stone hardware, ceramics, and composite nonmetal materials, at present, these products mainly rely on importing, so we must develop various products with high quality as quickly as possible for replacing the imported. At present, the products that must be developed urgently includes PDC driller for the oil drilling, diamond grinding segments for polishing stones, driller with thin shell used in engineering, diamond oilstone for honing, diamond tools with thin coating, diamond roller, diamond tools with rubber bond, PCD diamond tools, diamond stylus, nozzle, diamond cooling fin and audion, etc. To ensure the quality of the products, must popularize the advanced technology and process more quickly, such as vacuum welding, sintering with electric spark, diamond uniform distribution, diamond iridizing, metallization bonding and so on.

3. Enhance the management in the enterprises, improve the process continuously, lower the cost, and promote the benefits.

4. Go ahead for grouped and united enterprises, combine several bigger groups to lead the industry, create the brand by ourselves, actively participate in the global competition, rely on the advanced technology, update the equipments, improve the hardware industry in our country.

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